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Our local HVAC experts can advise and repair cooling towers in commercial buildings throughout Northern California.

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Cooling Tower Repair Services

Cooling towers are an effective, efficient, and relatively inexpensive solution to removing heat from commercial buildings and industrial plants. The cooling tower utilizes water and the natural evaporation process to remove heat and cool the building. Like any HVAC system, it requires maintenance to ensure functionality, prevent costly repairs, and improve overall lifespan.

To help prevent the need for cooling tower repairs, our local HVAC company always recommends routine inspections to reduce the risk of system damage and health issues while improving safety levels, performance, and efficiency.

How to Maintain Industrial Cooling Towers

Here are 5 steps to help maintain cooling towers:

  1. Remove scale deposits caused by minerals in the water. Mineral buildup over time decreases the system’s efficiency and leads to early wear-and-tear of its parts.
  2. Ensure proper airflow. Poor airflow could be caused by sludge buildup, improper fan alignment, lack of maintenance, and more.
  3. Keep clean of mud, slime, and other contaminants. One of the most efficient ways to remove debris is by regularly cleaning the tubes.
  4. Inspect water pumps. This will help catch any issues early with alignment, lubrication, water seals, and more.
  5. Test the water. Water should be tested and treated monthly to ensure safe water quality.

In addition to designing and installing new HVAC systems, our team can service and repair existing cooling tower systems throughout the bay area including San Francisco County.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Benefits

The benefits of routine maintenance include:

  • Remaining compliant with state and local regulations
  • Improved equipment lifespan
  • Reduced environmental and health hazards
  • Cost savings by system efficiency and repair prevention

Learn more about cooling towers here: What is a Cooling Tower?

Cooling Tower Repairs

Like any machine, repairs are sometimes unavoidable. When a cooling tower is neglected, the buildup from minerals, dirt, or debris can collect on fans, pumps, filters, and other parts. The buildup will require excess energy from the system for the same output.

In addition to the reduced tower efficiency, scaling can degrade the components, leading to unnecessary wear and tear, breakage, and even failure.

Regular inspections will help catch problems early on and determine when cleanings are necessary. If you’re unsure how often you should be servicing your cooling tower or need cooling tower repair, contact our local experts for a system assessment.