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A pre-planned project is a safe project, a fast paced project, and problem free project


The beginning of a project is where a project is set up either to succeed or fail. We believe pre-planning every aspect of the project is the way to succeed. Sequence planning, schedule planning, logistics planning, and construction coordination are the keys to a safe, successful project.

  • One of the important tools to plan a project is 3D CAD coordination. Although we have been producing 3D CAD shop drawings for over 15 years, we have recently added experienced detailers to our already capable team. Our team is experienced in high rise, hospitals, office buildings, high technology systems, and most project types with either HVAC, plumbing, or piping systems.
  • 3D BIM Modeling: 3D BIM modeling is not just an industry buzz word; it’s a real tool that allows us to build the project virtually, find the problems, and correct them before costly field labor or time is expended. The finished, problem-free model is then sent to our in-house pre-fabrication shop for fabrication and to the field’s fast-paced schedules.
  • CAD Mech/CAD Duct Software System: We utilize Autodesk’s latest HVAC and pipe trade specific 3D CAD software that produces an exact, dimensionally correct part in the model. Be it pipe, fittings, duct, equipment, or fixtures, the items are represented exactly for a truly coordinated model.
  • Coordination/Collaboration: Working hand in hand with the other trade partners along with the design team to solve project issues and using our experience with creative solutions can have a great impact. Our detailers are not only experts in our trades; they have good knowledge of the other trades. They know what each trade can and can’t do, reducing time spent.
  • Navis Works: We can and have hosted the coordination process for an entire project team. Our detailing manager and BIM coordinators use Navis Works daily during the detailing process and utilize it for important clash reporting when leading a coordination team.
  • Big Room Experienced: Our team has experience working in a big room with co-located team partners. The big room experience allows for quick communication and problem resolution. When you can work out a problem face to face within minutes, everyone wins.
  • Integrated Project Delivery Experienced: Our experience as an Integrated Project Delivery team member, where the team is working to achieve what is the best for the project, has proven to us that working as a team is not only good, it’s necessary for success on any project.
  • Construction Sequencing Planning: Proper sequencing of the work is critical to an effective, fast-paced schedule. The old days of subs “working it out in the field” on a project doesn’t work with today’s reduced construction durations. Proper planning can reduce everyone’s duration.
  • Site Logistics Planning: Urban project sites demand proper planning of the delivery of materials and movement of the field manpower. Our Lean training has helped greatly with this planning. The Lean concepts of just-in-time, 5S, tackt time, and one-piece flow have added to our years of experience of planning project sites for maximum use of small areas.
  • Constructability Review: Constructability review is not only for design/assist or design/build projects. Reviewing project documents early on in a plan and spec project and issuing early RFIs can solve any project issues prior to starting construction. Efficiency gained in construction by early review is the key to accomplishing fast-paced schedules.
  • Conceptual Design Estimating or Budgeting: We understand that in order for a project to be viable our clients, general contractors, and/or owners need to know cost before the design is complete. Our experience allows us to fill in the design “gaps” in early design to be able to produce complete and accurate project budgets. Be it a design build/assist or plan and spec, we are willing to help our client GCs with conceptual budgeting.
  • Lean Trained and Experienced: We are trained and experienced in the Lean concepts. We are members of LCI and regularly participate; in fact, we were chosen by LCI Nor Cal for a company 5S project where we reported out how we implemented a 5S program in our office. Our field and office teams are experienced in pull planning, using vPlanner, 5S, 5-Why problem solving, making reliable commitments, and PDCA checking. We have a general “continuous improvement” culture.

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Peterson Mechanical is a Sonoma-based mechanical contractor and provides sequence planning, schedule planning, logistics planning, and construction coordination for mechanical engineering projects in San Francisco, Oakland, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and Marin. Peterson Mechanical serves a wide variety of market sectors including Healthcare, Technology, Education, Office Space, Hospitality, Winery, High Rise and Low Rise Residential. We are experts in preconstruction activities, including BIM, which is key to driving down project budget and maintaining the schedule.