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As a veteran 100 year old HVAC and plumbing contractor serving the Greater Bay Area, Peterson Mechanical provides piping, plumbing, and HVAC installations for a variety of project types, from new construction to retrofits. You can find our work in high rise buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants, laboratories, office buildings, universities, wineries, correctional institutions, kitchens, and other commercial facilities.

Our union-trained trades people not only have the experience and training in their trades; they have learned to use today’s cutting-edge digital technology to execute the work faster and more efficiently.

  • HVAC: Our skilled sheet metal trades people have the experience to install all types of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, from high rise shafts, stainless steel specialized exhaust systems, VAV or CAV systems, and high pressure welded duct systems to standard office building spiral and flex.
  • Plumbing: Our skilled plumbers have the experience in California and San Francisco plumbing codes to install all types of plumbing systems, from standard cast iron waste and vent to copper water systems to the new materials such as PEX water systems, to save time and money on today’s projects. We are never afraid to implement new methods or materials to save project time or cost.
  • Hydronic Piping: Skilled pipe fitters are the only qualified trades people to install the large-diameter welded steel pipe and equipment safely on large commercial projects, such as high rise shafts. The specialized chilled water, condenser or heating water systems of today’s modern buildings require the knowledge of rigging and handling large pieces along with knowing how the systems integrate with the rest of the HVAC system.
  • Commercial/ IndustrialAir Conditioning, Air Handlers & Equipment
  • Boilers/Pumps/Chillers Towers: Whether these systems are located on the roof, in the basement, in a central utility plant, or within the building, our team has experience installing them under the most demanding logistic requirements. The setting, rigging, starting, and operating of these large commercial pieces of equipment requires pipe fitters not only trained in the system design but having experience with cranes, rigging, and urban site logistics. We have what it takes.
  • Clean Room/ HEPA Systems: Our team has built and retrofitted up to class 10 clean room facilities for some of the Bay Area’s global technology manufacturing companies. Some customers have been inviting us to their projects for over 30 years.
  • Medical Gases: Medical gas installation is required by code to be installed by only certified trades people. Our crew not only carries the required training and certification, we are experienced in the actual installation under the most demanding OSHPD requirement and inspection. We are proud to say that the leading Bay Area med gas verifying companies would recommend us.
  • Process Piping: Process piping can be many different things, from high-tech manufacturing cooling systems, high purity orbital welded gas systems, and deionized water systems to vacuum systems and specialized corrosive waste systems. We have 30+ years of experience installing and retrofitting all of these systems for our local high-tech company customers.
  • Air Conditioning Refrigeration
  • Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • In-House CMC Duct Fabrication: Our BIM modeling capabilities allow us to download digital information directly to our fabrication shop and CMC machine. This allows full tagging and packaging for direct placement into the project site area. Small or large packages can be customized depending on the project needs, thereby reducing the storage of large quantities of materials on the project site.
  • In-House Plumbing/Piping Pre-Fabrication: Our new prefabrication facility allows us to fabricate plumbing and piping simultaneouslyOur pipe shops prefabricate all piping material types including welded steel, grooved, copper, cast iron, plastic, including all types of pipe supports. Our shop has the welding machines, positioners, cranes, and tools to get the pipe built quickly and efficiently, packaged and bundled, and sent to the jobsite just in timefor either craning directly off of the truck or moving onto the site quickly.
  • Trimble Digital Site Layout: Our digital BIM modeling capability has allowed us to implement Trimble Total Station layout in the field. Layout using this digital tool allows us to get “out of the ground” or “off of the decks” quicker and more accurately.
  • Field iPad Integrated with Plangrid Drawings: Our field crews have recently started using the iPad/Plangrid system of drawing management. Our Foreman can look up the drawings or details right from the field on their hand-held iPads, minimizing errors and speeding up the installation.
  • Our use of technology in the field also allows the project general contractor or management team to communicate quickly through email, further increasing field efficiency and decreasing lost time.

Quality & Safety from Design to Build

Our full-service HVAC company has perfected high-quality mechanical engineering projects under strict safety guidelines in the following sectors:

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Peterson Mechanical is a Sonoma-based mechanical contractor and provides plumbing, piping and HVAC installation for San Francisco Bay Area commercial and office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, universities, wineries, kitchens and more. Peterson Mechanical serves a wide variety of market sectors including Healthcare, Technology, Education, Office Space, Hospitality, Winery, High Rise and Low Rise Residential. We are experts in preconstruction activities, including BIM, which is key to driving down project budget and maintaining the schedule. We can deliver your project under the tightest schedule while meeting the most rigorous mechanical construction standards.