Working with Kaiser Permanente on Coronavirus Testing Laboratory
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In The News: Working with Kaiser Permanente on a Coronavirus Testing Laboratory

construction workers at Kaiser
Photo: Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle

To help combat the growing concerns and spread of COVID-19, Peterson Mechanical Inc. stepped up help on multiple necessary healthcare system projects, including work on a Kaiser Permanente virus testing facility. With every precaution in place and a need to fast-track these projects, PMI quickly mobilized our team to get to work.

Here at Peterson Mechanical, we have been working on converting a previously existing warehouse in Berkeley into a 7,700 square foot laboratory. This virus testing lab for Kaiser will boost the states’ testing capabilities, and it will be able to process around 10,000 COVID-19 virus tests a day. We believe that this will significantly impact the fight against COVID-19.

Our work with Kaiser’s virus testing lab can be seen in articles in the SF Chronicle and Fox KTVU. Our team is pictured providing all of the essential HVAC and Plumbing for this facility. We are proud to support our healthcare system with this project build

Our work providing all of the HVAC and plumbing for the virus testing facility can be seen in articles in the SF Chronicle and Fox KTVU. Our team (pictured in these articles) is proud to support the fight against COVID-19 with this project build.