Top 5 Home Furnaces to Purchase in 2021
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Talking to your local HVAC experts can help you make the best decision for your home’s furnace needs.

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5 Home Furnaces to Purchase in 2021

One of the first things that people consider when buying a new furnace is the brand. However, the HVAC professionals you work with for installation and service is just as important.

There are a handful of companies that own most of the HVAC brands that people are familiar with, and a lot of overlap in the brands and models. Talking to your local HVAC experts can help you make the best decision for your home’s furnace needs.

Factors like Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, warranty length, the size and needs of your home, regular servicing, and professional installation are all crucial for furnace reliability. At Peterson Mechanical Inc., we have over 100 years of experience serving Sonoma, Marin, and Napa County homeowners.

Top 5 Residential Furnace Brands


Peterson Mechanical Inc. is a Factory Authorized Dealer for Carrier, one of the world’s leading manufacturers. They have a series of high-efficiency furnaces with technology that noticeably improves home comfort. As one of the oldest furnace brands globally, Carrier HVAC systems are known for their high quality, reliability, and durability.


Trane furnaces have a wide range of features. Along with Carrier, Trane is a leading name that provides the best quality HVAC systems and has a lot in common with top brands, like energy efficiency, reliability, noise reduction and longevity.


Lennox is another top-of-the-line, established, high-end choice for quiet and efficient HVAC systems. Lennox models are quieter and more efficient than average competitors. They come with a ten-year warranty for parts and a lifetime guarantee on heat exchanges.


A popular and economical mid-range choice for furnaces is Bryant. With their minimum ten-year parts warranty and lifetime heat exchange warranty, quality design, and quiet operation, Bryant quickly became a household name.


Goodman’s quality has increased significantly since Daikin, a leader in furnaces, bought them. They are becoming one of the largest manufacturers of gas furnaces. With high efficiency, affordability, and great warranties, they’re a popular choice.

How to Choose Your Home Furnace

We recommend going with furnaces with at least a 10-year general parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchange warranty. A quality furnace should be backed by a good warranty. Its warranty and the efficiency of the furnace should be factored into the evaluation of the price.

No matter the furnace’s brand or model, the quality installation makes a big difference in a furnace’s performance and reliability. An HVAC professional should be aware of the sizing, heating needs, and manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations when installing the furnace.

If you’re looking for more furnace options, service, or installation for your home or business, call our highly trained technicians at (707) 938-8481 to learn more about our services.