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Peterson Mechanical - 100 Years of Service
A 100-Year Foundation for the Future
A 100-Year Foundation for the Future

Celebrating 100 Years of Service in California

In 1915, Ed Peterson started a plumbing and tinning company on First Street West in Sonoma, CA.

Now, 100 years later, Peterson Mechanical has spanned four generations of the Peterson family and tackled increasingly complex projects in the fields of health care, technology, education, wineries, hospitality, and more.

Throughout it all, our commitment to our customers has been unwavering.

Here we are proud to share some highlights of our history as we look forward to the future.

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In the early years of his business, Ed Peterson was a plumber and also a dealer of tanks, pumps, water pipes, windmills and brass faucets. He brought the latest technologies to his customers, including Crane automatic water heaters in the 1920s.
Ed Peterson shows off the boiler used for the new hydronic heating system in Peterson's new Broadway store in 1949. While the under-floor heating system was a novelty at the time, it remains popular today, especially in cold climates.
Rich Peterson, who was a member of the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce board of directors, designed and built a rotisserie for the chamber's first ox roast fundraiser in the 1960s. Photo from Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Peterson has worked on numerous hospital projects over the years, including Hillcrest Hospital in Petaluma in 1973. Because patients' well-being is at stake, hospital mechanical systems must be built to high standards of reliability and redundancy.

Peterson Mechanical – Employee Biographies

01 / 21 / 2016

Employee Bio of Administrative Team

The Peterson Mechanical Administrative Team is second to none! Karen, Donna, Marie and Tierra (left to right) shared with me about their time at Peterson.

Peterson Mechanical Administrative TeamWhat’s your first memory of working at Peterson Mechanical (anecdote or funny story)? Tierra said, I was 30 minutes early on my first day and I waited by the front door until 8:00am, because it was locked. I emailed Scott to let him know, as I didn’t know to use the side door. They thought I was a no-show and the service team was in the office until I got access to the building after my start time. Donna said, I was originally in the office next to Les. It was only a few days in and I commented to Les that the A/C was hitting me directly and I asked to switch my desk around. Instead, Les and Dave Kimble moved the ductwork. I was amazed. Karen said, “I parked in Les’ spot on the first day, it was the only one available! Marie said, “I had a shelf with 30 job binders over my desk.In my first week it fell off the wall.I asked for some bookcases after that.”

What’s the best thing to happen since you started working with Peterson Mechanical? Donna said, ‘receiving so much support when I was ill. It was amazing!” Karen said, “I have met some wonderful people. We have the best staff. It is truly like working with your family.”

What do you wish other people knew about Peterson Mechanical? Donna said, “It is a great team environment.” Tierra said, “It is family-owned and all the employees are treated like family which has created loyalty and it has strengthened the company.

Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work with at Peterson? Donna said, “Karen Gary has always been supportive and helpful as an administrative team member. Her upbeat attitude makes this a very nice place to work.” Tierra said, “My dad who worked at the Index Tribune for 30 years. He told me the technicians were great and the family was good people to work for.”

What might (someone) be surprised to know about you? Marie said, “Of the five jobs I’ve had in my whole life, at three of them I worked with Karen (and one was at the company our dads worked at).” Donna said, ‘I was a girl scout leader in my twenties. Tierra said, “my husband and I own a computer repair business called Sonoma Valley Tech.”

If you weren’t working in this industry, what would you be doing instead, or what would your life be like? Karen said, “I would move to Maui!”

What do you do when you aren’t working; how do you spend your time? Donna, “I spend my free time making quilts.” Tierra, “My son is a freshman at SVHS and he plays sports. We are usually driving my son to practice or attending games.”

What else can you tell me about Peterson Mechanical? Donna said, “It has been a wonderful place to work these past 10 years.I look forward to coming to work every day.” Karen said, “I really enjoy working for the Peterson family.They are very generous.” Tierra said, ‘After 100 years we continue to grow and adjust to the changing times.It is a wonderful place to work.”

It has been a wonderful place to work.  Thank you ladies for making it so great and supporting the team!

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In the news: Bay Area Mechanical Contractor recognized for our commitment to our community.

12 / 29 / 2015

Committed to Our Comunity

spirit of sonoma award recipientPeterson Mechanical, Inc. commercial and industrial mechanical contractor for the San Francisco Bay Area was recently featured in the Press Democrat for the Spirit of Sonoma Award.  The Peterson Family loves the Sonoma community and we love to be of service to our friends and neighbors. See the article here.

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