4 Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance
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Like anything else, maintaining your air conditioner and furnace inspected by a trained professional regularly keeps costs down and people comfortable.

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Benefits of Annual Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is easy to overlook your HVAC system when it is out of sight.

However, when it comes to keeping your system working efficiently and preventing breakdowns, a maintenance program is key.

Peterson Mechanical Inc. offers a maintenance program to ensure you and your family are comfortable all year round.

Too often, homeowners only contact an HVAC specialist when the system is experiencing serious problems.

With use, your system will experience wear and tear and need repairs.

By having your air conditioner and furnace inspected by a trained professional regularly, they will be able to find and fix developing problems.

This keeps your system operating at top efficiency, saving you time and money.

When you’re getting your system inspected before the season begins, you could be preventing a breakdown when you need it most.

Top 4 Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Program

#1 Increased Lifespan

A maintenance program adds years to your HVAC system’s lifespan. Regular inspection means that the HVAC technician can catch potential problems and increase efficiency.

#2 Increased Efficiency

An HVAC system is an investment. You want to keep your system working for as long as possible. A neglected system loses its efficiency. The maintenance program ensures that your HVAC system is running optimally reducing energy costs.

#3 Reduced Repairs

Our trained professionals are able to find and fix any developing problems early ensuring that there isn’t excessive wear and tear on the system. A small repair can prevent a bigger problem or breakdown.

#4 Reduced Financial Costs

With a routine maintenance program, your system will be running for longer and more efficiently – this saves in energy and replacement costs. Additionally, it helps to keep repairs to a minimum.

There are routine maintenance items such as replacing the air filter every 1-3 months to improve the quality of air and airflow and removing debris from around the system that you can do on your own.

Other inspection and maintenance points that should only be done by HVAC technicians with the skills, tools, and knowledge to do it safely.

Regularly maintaining your system ensures an increased lifespan, increased efficiency, minimizes the need for repairs and saves you money.

For maintenance and repairs, be sure to hire a licensed HVAC contractor today.